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Walking Group

Our walking group for our more able members is one of our most active ones, meeting up twice a month across the county to enjoy the beautiful countryside that Fife has to offer. You can download the dates for this year the walks may be changed but you will be notified before the walk takes place. Transport is not provided to the walks.

To give you an idea of the type of walking we do:

We recognize that there are different abilities and good days and bad days for people living with Parkinson’s and our walks are mostly on the level with small inclines, the distance varies but one to two miles and with rest in between if required using benches provided on the walking area.
We have in some instances a car at the midway point to take anyone to the finish if required. We walk throughout Fife trying to find interesting walks and scenery, after our walk we try to finish at a café for refreshments.

Join the group now

To join the walking group, please contact Secretary on this e-contact link: [ email us ]

We request that any call offs are made before 9am due to transportation arrangements.
The walking programme that takes place about every two weeks.