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Transport Arrangements

The organisation of getting to our events is key to the success of our branch, you can’t enjoy our events if you can get to them!

Our transport needs are looked after by David Fitzimmonds who will endeavour to satisfy transport requirements whenever a new need is identified. At present John arranges two coaches for our monthly Falkland days, one from Dunfermline and the other from Kirkcaldy with door to door pickups.

Other outings are usually arranged with central pickup points , one in Kirkcaldy and one in Dunfermline. If you live too far away from either centre then consideration would be given to arranging a taxi for you provided the cost is not prohibitive.

David will contact you in advance of meetings to check if you are going and if so will advise of your pickup time slot and so it is very important that you make sure that your contact details are always up to date.